“We believe in keeping the world moving forward.”


Our vision is a safe, connected, autonomous world that is free of congestion and emissions.

We’re all made to move. It’s in our nature. But today, we’re stuck. Gridlock is plaguing progress. Road accidents are killing two people per minute. And emissions are deteriorating our planet while cities seek smarter and smarter solutions.

At TomTom, our non-stop innovation keeps the world moving forward – freely, efficiently, safely. We create the most innovative location technologies to improve driving today and completely change it tomorrow. Together with our people, customers and partners, we are leading progress.

Better HD Maps and Localisation technology

As the race towards autonomous driving intensifies, TomTom is developing innovative technologies to power autonomous vehicles. An example of that is HD Maps, a crucial component in autonomous driving systems. The TomTom HD Map allows automated vehicles to precisely locate themselves on the road, to build a detailed model of the surrounding environment working together with the vehicle sensors, and to plan their path to destination.  TomTom HD Maps are not limited to autonomous driving, but can also be leveraged to fulfill a broad range of ADAS applications such as Predictive Powertrain Control, Highway Pilot, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The TomTom HD Maps enable localization, path planning and perception, working in conjunction with the on-board sensors, and as a result make ADAS and autonomous driving safer, trustworthy and more comfortable. Building, delivering and maintaining HD Maps in a scalable and robust way is a complex process that requires expertise and advanced mapping capabilities. ICADI provides a great platform to test TomTom HD Mapping technology in combination with “standard industry” sensors. This allows for the development of open standards and more precise and up to date location technology for Connected Automated Driving.