CAD testing with (ultra) big data

ICADI is an open partnership of prominent and notable organizations from the Automotive supply and knowledge domain. Together we collaborate in the areas of (ultra-big) data, knowledge and technology. This ranges from standardizing data formats from vehicles, data accuracy in time and space, data-reduction and scenario-building, to functional safety and homologation aspects. All this in order to prepare for a new reality in which (masses of) data from a driving fleet of vehicles, combined with data from infrastructure, are used to improve both traffic management and road safety, as well as to lay a foundation for the next generation of smart vehicles.

We make the future a reality

ICADI aims to increase and strengthen the Connected Automated Driving (CAD) knowledge base and ecosystem. Specifically, to connect the existing knowledge and technology from the partners with both physical and data infrastructures. Through this, the development but also application of CAD vehicles will contribute to defining a ‘ground-truth’ in the CAD domain. Accelerating future mobility solutions and making these available for use will allow us to contribute to a safer and more efficient mobility system. ICADI not only lays out the foundation for the future, we also make the future a reality.


ICADI: open cooperation

Rather than starting from scratch, the broad and extensive experience of our partners in the areas of mapping, sensing, computing, communication technology, testing and simulation, and CAD applications, will form the solid base on which ICADI will build. 
On top of this, our combined experience in collecting and processing data, safe highway testing (including obtaining the necessary testing permits) and more, gives ICADI a head start.


Become Partner

Be a leader in your field

Open cooperation is unique within the automotive sector, however we see open partnerships as a necessity for acceleration of development and deployment of Connected Automated Driving (CAD). ICADI partnership entails:

  • Sharing of knowledge;
  • Sharing of data infrastructure based on an ICADI standard;
  • Sharing of (raw) data;
  • Focus on lead applications;
  • Building a common ‘ground-truth’ validation system;
  • Growth through additional (international) partners, and;
  • Costs of ICADI are covered by external funding as well as the joint partners.

Strengthen your leading position now and in the future by joining ICADI.